a Brand of Quality, Safety and Trust

Lafto Roses Plc., founded in Ethiopia in 2006, is today a Brand of Quality, Safety and Trust. We are an Ethiopian rose growing farm located in the Sabetta region of Addis Ababa 2.300 meters above sea level. Lafto farm currently grows 27 Ha. of roses in 20 Premium varieties. We offer our customers a quality product at a fair price. Our efforts are directed towards permanent improvement in all the areas of our business, making it possible for us to always deliver consistent quality to all of our loyal and appreciated customers around the world.


Lafto Roses is a fairtrade certified nursery that has created more than 600 new jobs in the countryside where there was almost no opportunity for workers to be paid well and to receive a fair salary, including medical care. No minors are hired and mainly woman manage harvesting, selecting and packing of roses. According tot he needs of our customers we supply and deliver our roses to any place in the world in our optimized packaging in order to meet your requirements as a customer.

Van der Deijl Roses

Our headquarters in Noordwijk (the Netherlands) are the central sales and distribution point for our roses from the Lafto nursery in Ethiopia. This allows us to remain closely involved in the entire production and supply process. Along with our many years’ experience, it also means we can meet all your wishes and requirements effectively and efficiently. Our goal is to ensure an optimal supply of the finest, sustainable roses. Thanks to our accurate and committed approach, we can genuinely guarantee you consistent quality assurance.

For any questions do not hesitate to contact our sales-office: Sales: Van der Deijl Roses, The Netherlands +31 71 366 0606